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22 06, 2020

Energy submetering by itself is useless and how to make it work

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Automatic data collection, purposeful analysis and alert on deviations to appropriate people is a key to sustained energy cost savings.

22 11, 2017

Why energy managers are not valued in the boardroom and How to change this

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As an energy manager you work hard to keep energy cost in check. But do you get due recognition of results? A typical energy manger has to master lots of skills: come up with energy efficiency ideas, evaluate dozens of offers on energy saving tools, products and services, manage contractors, oversee implementation of energy conservation [...]

25 06, 2015

Energy management at 3M Canada

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This post continues our mini-series Learning from the Big - interviews with energy managers of big manufacturers with operations in Ontario, Canada. I spoke with Andrew Hejnar, Energy Manager at 3M Canada. What is the history of energy efficiency at 3M? First Energy Group at 3M (USA) was formed in 1974, by the mid-70s a position of [...]

13 06, 2014

Why Energy Efficiency is important?

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The cleanest energy is the one we do not use. Therefore energy efficiency is the cleanest source of energy available today. Due to the losses between energy generation and consumption every $1 invested in energy efficiency allows to avoid investing $3 at generation. Through efficiency we can effectively have energy with no pollution at all. [...]

12 06, 2014

Analysis of natural gas consumption at Weston Bakery revealed saving opportunities

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GreenQ Partners analyzed natural gas consumption at Weston Bakery Sudbury. This article presents partial simplified results of this analysis. Gas was metered at oven level at uneven monthly billing intervals; production was reported every 28 days; weather data was provided by NASA on a daily basis. We visited bakery to link numbers to actual [...]

12 06, 2014

Energy Management: 4 Steps to Protect your Company from Utility Cost Fluctuations

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A lot is being said about the need to manage energy. Many of our contacts seem confused about this idea and often do not know where to start. Here is a relief: energy management is first of all management, all rules apply. To demonstrate we will project management ideas to energy context. Energy prices are [...]

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