Profit through energy management

Why We Are Here

World around us consumes more and more energy, while most corporations let sustainability take a back seat to profitability. We believe this pattern is unsustainable and are we act on this belief. Every project we support is a small step towards the development path the world can sustain. We help organizations and communities identify and make such steps without compromising profitability.

GreenQ Partners Inc exists to help businesses reduce carbon footprint through smart use of energy efficiency technologies.

We do not design or sell equipment. We facilitate implementation of energy efficiency projects by reducing their risks. Our green intelligence, experience and dedication to sustainability help our clients become greener while keeping their bottom lines in black.

Google’s “Don’t be evil” is not enough

We believe that Google’s motto – “Don’t be evil” – is not enough to meet today’s challenges. We extend it to “Do what’s right” – right for today, right for tomorrow, right for when our grandchildren grow up. By facilitating green projects we “do what’s right” to save our planet one project at a time. The greenest kWh is the one that was not used.

What We Bring to the Table

To companies and organizations interested in implementing successful energy efficiency projects we offer industry knowledge, understanding of the current market conditions and experience gained in previous projects.

Focus on your business and let us deal with your energy

Few companies can afford having specialists in all aspects of energy management in-house, in result most companies waste up to 40% of purchased energy. We help you avoid capacity building headaches and save ongoing payroll costs. Here at GreenQ, we stay on top of new technology developments and we are constantly looking for ways to help businesses like yours benefit from them.

You can benefit from energy management without incurring the ongoing cost of an in-house energy management department.

Our service area is local

We believe in “think global – act local” principle. This allows us to provide prompt service to clients while keeping carbon footprint from travel to a minimum.

Unless a local client requests us to help with their remote location, we strive to stay within a 150 km circle around Toronto, ON, thus covering the zone between Peterborough – Pickering/Waterloo – Hamilton, including Toronto, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, Burlington, Guelph, Milton.

Work with the best in the business

We partner with reputable vendors to provide you with the best service and energy solutions. We don’t receive commissions, so you can trust our unbiased recommendations.