How Ontario supports energy efficiency projects

1 Independent Electricity System Operator’s Save on Energy program in Ontario offers incentives for pre-approved energy efficiency projects.

This includes:

  • Energy Audits (up to 50% of actual cost covered)
  • Engineering Studies (up to 100% of actual cost covered)
  • Implementation of efficiency projects (the lower of  50% of actual costs covered and 10 cents per KWh of validated savings)

This program also offers incentives to help pay for Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) training and certification for employees. Larger companies can also apply for funding for an onsite Energy Manager.

Types of incentives for implementation of efficiency projects

Under the Save on Energy program, incentives for implementation of energy efficiency projects are categorized by Prescriptive, Engineered, and Custom. If the results of a project are validated via a pre-approved Measurement & Verification (M&V) process the incentive is the lower of 70%  and $200 per MWh.

Prescriptive: gives you the ease of selecting from a defined list of end-use measures that come with a corresponding per-unit incentive. Examples include upgrades to lighting, motors, and unitary air conditioning. If your project involves upgrading existing equipment, the incentive amount depends on the type, efficiency, and quantity of equipment you install.

Engineered: consists of tools to help you estimate reductions in peak demand and/or electricity consumption as they apply to the installation of more energy-efficient equipment or solutions.

Custom: covers more complex or innovative solutions not covered in the Prescriptive or Engineered categories. Technology, equipment, and system improvements are evaluated on their demand and energy-performance. Incentives are paid after installation (once the savings have been measured and verified). Examples include compressed air, Variable Frequency Drive, and motors.

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