25 09, 2020

Energy bills tell too little and come too late to act

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Monthly electrical bill is as good for energy management as a summary of monthly bank statement is for financial management: too little of data to understand what happened and too late to act. Summary of bank statement shows balance of account: sum of deposits and sum of payments. If you have spent too much or received [...]

22 06, 2020

Energy submetering by itself is useless and how to make it work

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Automatic data collection, purposeful analysis and alert on deviations to appropriate people is a key to sustained energy cost savings.

1 06, 2020

5 golden rules of energy data analysis

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  1. In metering we trust :)    Data is only reliable if it has been collected through routine automatic metering, which has been validated.  All claims like 'we always keep this operational schedule', 'compressor/boiler/light is off on weekend' or 'current never exceeds X Amp', all of them have exactly zero value to energy [...]

22 02, 2018

Which has to come first: Energy metering or Energy Audit?

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Energy audit requires metered data. At least if client expects results that can be presented in the boardroom, not just general considerations. On the other hand, installation of meters takes time and money. On the third hand, if I had one, incentives on installation of meters are only available within M&T framework, which can logically [...]

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