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GreenQ measurement and verification energy management services

While energy efficiency is positive for environmental reasons, how do you (or maybe more importantly, your CFO) know that the project delivers on its promise financially? Our Standardised Measurement and Verification (M&V) procedure will track everything clearly. In changing operational conditions a proper M&V commonly determines the difference between perceiving your project as a financial winner or a loser.

M&V of energy efficiency projects is a complex process. Business operational conditions change all the time. Factors such as your operational schedule, production level, and even the temperature and humidity outside may hide actually achieved energy cost reduction from your CFO.

We abide by the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), a standard set of rules and recommendations for M&V project plans.

To properly account for energy savings achieved from an energy management project, we:

  1. Identify what drives and affects energy consumption at your company.
  2. Determine min. number of measurements for both energy use and driver(s) and collect data.
  3. Determine the statistically valid baseline consumption model through regression analysis.

After project is completed:

  1. Validate pre-implementation operational conditions, adjust baseline if needed.
  2. Collect data again and forecast the “after” consumption using the baseline.

The difference between forecast and actual consumption is the achieved energy savings as defined by IPMVP.

Build a financial case for your energy management project.

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