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7 10, 2019

Our Refrigeration Optimization project won Clean50 Top Project Award

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GreenQ Partners, an engineering-consulting firm based in Toronto, has been awarded a prestigious Clean50 Top Project award for Industrial Refrigeration Optimization project completed in 2019. Refrigeration plants are typically among the biggest electricity consumers in the food manufacturing process, as they are set up without consideration for minimizing electricity consumption. [...]

15 03, 2019

M&V value – $500,000 grant through proven energy cost reduction

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How to produce more, use less energy and be rewarded for upgrades? It can be done. Our client, an injection moulding plant working for automotive sector, wanted to upgrade to bigger, more powerful machines. These machines use more energy. However, they produce so much more product, that energy use per pound is effectively lower. Much [...]

20 08, 2018

Satisfied clients send cheques, happy clients send referrals

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Today I had the most pleasant meeting at owners office of our manufacturing client. I experienced deep satisfaction when plant manager bragged about results of projects to the owner - lighting, grants, utility audit, compressed air system audit, changes in water supply, upcoming refrigeration optimisation and monitoring. And a grey-haired owner said: "I am happy with [...]

26 07, 2018

Client acted on our utility audit: 18 projects are to be implemented within 12 months

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We have recently completed a comprehensive utility audit at a mid-size B2B food processing plant in the GTA and client has turned our recommendations into ‘projects to be completed this year’. A $50mln industrial food plant has been recently acquired and new owners decided to get it into shape. This plant buys electricity, natural [...]

9 02, 2015

A small efficiency loss may cause a big loss of business value

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At a recent project, we worked with an industrial bakery that faced a minor increase in natural gas consumption at its oven. Through an analysis of consumption/production data and discussions with the client, we found that the waste was caused by a faulty temperature-sensor calibration. The sensor was adjusted, and consumption came back to expected [...]

12 06, 2014

Analysis of natural gas consumption at Weston Bakery revealed saving opportunities

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GreenQ Partners analyzed natural gas consumption at Weston Bakery Sudbury. This article presents partial simplified results of this analysis. Gas was metered at oven level at uneven monthly billing intervals; production was reported every 28 days; weather data was provided by NASA on a daily basis. We visited bakery to link numbers to actual [...]

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