#2. How is plant energy efficiency like your health?

When is equipment operation energy efficient? - When equipment is properly designed for the job and properly maintained. This is not unlike a human body, which works just fine when it's used within its abilities and is given necessary nourishment and rest. What does a rational person do when body shows signs of malfunction, [...]

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Managerial oversight may forever hide energy waste

Amnesty to prior energy waste unlocks immense energy cost reduction potential.

How energy savings can add extra holidays at your plant?

A recent report from SaveONEnergy described results of a lighting retrofit at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara.  Article states that annual electricity saving are "the equivalent of 400 room bookings".  While expressing results of retrofit in term dear to hotel managers is definitely a step in the right direction, this comparison understates results by a [...]

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How to help CFO approve your energy project and keep healthy margins?

Corporations routinely require energy projects to meet a 2 year simple payback threshold, which is another way of requesting a 50% return. Same corporations rarely enjoy returns in excess of 10% in their core business. Are CFOs mean to energy projects, plain stupid, or what? - Unlikely. Slow thinkers do not make it to corner offices. [...]

Energy use monitoring is key to buying, selling and implementing energy efficiency projects profitably

Energy accounting is key to success of energy projects Selling, buying and implementing energy projects costs too much effort at both sides of the client-vendor divide, despite the best effort of professionals involved in the process. It does not have to. Why so many projects are either not sold, or not approved, or [...]

Energy conservation is an uphill battle, what is the better way?

A bottom up approach to energy cost reduction is a path of heroes: long, hard and massively ineffective, because it requires convincing managers on the way up. The top->bottom approach, on the other hand, is a simple and powerful approach known for decades as management: set goals, allocate resources and assign responsibilities. Now instead of [...]

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More energy data may not benefit business – and what does

More energy data is better, right? Data shows what's happening, so we should have lots of it to manager machines, right? Not necessarily. Although various meters are becoming cheaper by day, too many of them may hurt your business instead of helping to manage it. When driving, do you really need to know the exact [...]

How to receive 16c per kWh incentive for lighting retrofit, operational changes and any capital improvements?

IESO has launched a new incentive program that rewards commercial real estate operators for sustained reduction of electricity consumption. Energy Performance Program pays 16c per kWh of actual reduction over 4 years as compared to 5c or 10c paid through other SaveOnEnergy programs. Savings will be determined through M&V procedure based on IPMVP Option C [...]

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Energy Engineer at Caribbean Vacation

An old adage goes that an engineer keeps working even standing in line to pay for beer. This certainly came true during my last vacation at a small resort by a warm sea. Several energy-related observations I made there illustrate what is commonly happening in industrial setting back home and provide actionable lessons. Following these [...]