Quality of energy management defines quality of energy retrofits. Finding ‘why’ energy is wasted is pivotal to determining how to fix the issue.
Energy management is the key to unlocking utility savings and reaching carbon reduction targets. But how do you know if your energy management practices are up to par?

A simple way to find out where your energy management practices stand is to take an Energy Management Assessment – our free, online, interactive tool, that does not require any engineering tools or knowledge.

It’s essential to conduct an assessment before considering equipment retrofits, as it allows you to address inefficiencies and ensure that retrofits will be effective.
By taking an online assessment, you can gain a better understanding of why your energy is being wasted and make the necessary changes to reduce your energy costs and reach your carbon reduction targets.

Energy management is firstly about management, do not let tour energy management practices create a barrier to your energy efficiency projects.
Our EMS Assessment is free, takes 20 minutes and does not require calculations. It is about management, not about engineering.
Assess your energy management now and start saving money and resources while reaching your carbon reduction targets.