Find energy wasteful sites in big portfolios

Managing utility cost and emissions for big portfolios of sites is not an easy task. Potential savings of electricity, natural gas and water across the portfolio are substantial. However, to find them an audit team must assess each site, regularly. Costs quickly exceeds savings.

We offer a solution to this problem: identify wasteful sites in a big portfolio through analysis of interval utility consumption data by AI.

Results are adjusted for weather, time of day and day of week to identify the best patterns for each condition and time achievable within portfolio. For sites that consume more we provide a preliminary waste root cause. Knowing where and what to look for, finding and fixing issues becomes a routine maintenance or management task.

GreenQ offers this service as an exclusive Canadian partner of kWIQly GmbH, Switzerland.


  • Ranking of all sites by energy consumption adjusted for weather and operational schedule. Best and worst energy performers.
  • Preliminary root cause analysis of waste reasons.
  • Cost of waste accumulated since the moment it has been identified.
  • Reports on eliminated waste, per site. ESG reports. Custom reports.

What clients stand to benefit the most

This service is most beneficial for portfolios of similar commercial sites – pubs, coffee shops, quick service restaurants, supermarkets, REITs and property management companies. School Boards also stand to benefit.

Investment? – No

No investment in metering equipment is required if client can obtain interval data from their utility vendor.

Although monthly fee for on-going monitoring of a portfolio of sites depends on the portfolio size, it will hardly be noticeable compared to utility bill.

Achieved results

Analysis of natural gas consumption at a network of a major UK retailer revealed that 10% of stores burn 8-10% more than they should during a typical day of heating season. Also, the worst 15% of stores continuously run a 50% excessive heating baseload. We pinpointed both groups of stores.

Analysis of electricity and natural gas consumption at 900 pubs in the UK has revealed that 44% of pubs used 30-50% more energy compared to similar pubs operating in similar conditions. The excess cost was quite material – 1,625 pounds per month on average, or nearly half of what a typical pub owner makes.

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