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Past Projects

GreenQ has a proven track record in energy management and has helped many businesses cut energy costs and increase efficiency.


Energy cost reduction at industrial refrigeration plant

Situation Refrigeration plant is the major electricity user at food manufacturing plants. Our client – a food processing plant in Brampton, Ontario – runs 200hp and 100hp fixed-speed Frick compressors in ammonia refrigeration system with total capacity of 360hp. This plant supports production process, freezer and two coolers. During energy audit we have identified several [...]


Utility audit at industrial food plant

Client acted on our utility audit: 18 projects are to be implemented within 12 months We have recently completed a comprehensive utility audit at a mid-size B2B food processing plant in the GTA and client has turned our recommendations into ‘projects to be completed this year’. A $50mln industrial food plant has been recently acquired [...]


Electricity Use Analysis at Ready Bake Mississauga

Electricity Use Analysis Quantified Unexpected Savings and Losses GreenQ Partners analysed electricity consumption at Ready Bake Mississauga, an industrial refrigeration facility operated by Weston Foods. We used utility bill data to confirm the effects of technological and operational changes in electricity use. As usual, we used weather data provided by NASA. We identify savings in [...]


Tender Evaluation for a $20M Rooftop Project

We conducted a tender evaluation for the Crown corporation of Parc Downsview Park regarding the installation of solar PV systems on four roofs, including one of over 800,000 sq. ft. The project included several options with an estimated cost of up to $20M. Leading Ontario solar developers and energy companies competed in the tender. [...]


Feasibility Study for a 1 MW Exemplary Rooftop PV Installation

We assessed the feasibility of installing a solar PV system for Orlando Corporation on a roof that was planned for renovation on a commercial building in the GTA. In collaboration with the company, we have: Analyzed structural and organizational limitations of the project and other business requirements as identified by the client [...]


Feasibility study for a 250kW rooftop & 10kW demonstrative groundmount projects

We have provided a range of consulting services related to solar PV for a large international company (which prefers to remain anonymous until the completion of the project). The client has requested to research options for a commercial scale rooftop installation and for a highly visible small ground-mount installation for PR purposes. Our services included: [...]


Project Management for a 2MW solar farm

We have been assisting in the development of a 2MW solar farm in the Hamilton region. We have joined the project in spring of 2011 and since then have achieved several major successes: On behalf of our client we have prepared an application for the CEPP grant. We are proud to say, that our client [...]