Energy Efficiency Tips

10 questions to answer before buying energy meters

An industrial client asked me what meters to buy. My honest professional advice: do not buy any, because whatever meters you buy you will be disappointed later. Here is why. I am a strong proponent of measuring energy use. No sensible energy project can be implemented without measuring. Simplifying William Thomson – “to measure [...]

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How Sustainability Can Drive Sales And Profits?

Did you hear that sustainability drives profitability when product is sold to younger generation? This idea may help you secure support to energy projects from marketing and sales dept. Millennials name sustainability a shopping priority and are willing to pay more for it. In fact, Nielson study of 2015 has concluded that: “66% of [...]

An Energy Project Saves A $1.2mln Investment In Robotic Plastic Moulding Machine

At a recent compressed air audit at plastic molding plant we found that bad design of compressed air system caused a 500t molding machine to produce scrap, unpredictably, from time to time. Client has just acquired this machine for $1.2mln to meet high throughput demand of their automotive client. With this scrap level they [...]

50 ways to waste energy in your business

Our UK colleague Vilnis Vesma produced a funny article on how to waste energy. I republish it with his permission. Please note invitation to training at the end.   This article is based on something Vilnis Vesma produced for a group of energy champions that he had been training. It was intended as a [...]

Make Invisible Energy Waste Visible in 15 Minutes

Energy is invisible. And so is energy waste. But it still costs. Often a lot. How to make energy waste visible in the boardroom? Here is a fast, simple and no-cost tool to assess how much energy your plant wastes Fast – takes 15 minutes, Simple – no research needed, plain English, no calculations [...]

Is Production Cheaper During Night Shift?

I have recently come across a recommendation to shift production load of a big injection moulding machine to reduce demand during forecasted provincial peaks. If machine is loaded during day and not loaded during night and electricity is cheaper during night, then it seems like a no-brainer. I am not convinced in validity of [...]

What To Expect From Energy Efficiency Projects And What Not To Expect

Ever wondered what should you realistically expect from a particular efficiency project?  I found an answer in a well-written white paper from EATON. The paper explains what results can be expected from different efficiency measures and what claims are just myths. Most of what is stated for commercial facilities is true for an industrial [...]

How To Extend Christmas Through Energy Management

Does your CFO say that energy savings are too small to bother? Here is a simple way to show how savings on energy translate into profit and production volume. Energy cost reduction increases profit. How much product should be shipped to generate the same profit? To find this out, divide energy cost reduction by [...]

Canadian Dog Sniffs Compressed Air Leaks

When you have a situation to resolve at you plant - you can find a quick reference or advice at Plant Services . Site holds an extensive collection of short articles on various topics around plant management. Materials are free, though some advertisement comes along. While searching for somewhat scarce resources about industrial energy [...]

Energy Management Books And Resources

If you aim to get the most value from energy management, lots of materials are available to help. Through years of search and study I have come across several sources that I can honestly recommend. A practical book, written in simple language and containing lots of energy wisdom - "The Industrial Energy Harvest: Managing [...]

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