Work with our clients by becoming a GreenQ partner

GreenQ is an energy management company that helps industrial businesses cut energy use and costs. We typically manage projects from start to finish, alleviating the need for our clients to source and manage service providers. This reduces risks and unnecessary work for vendors and for our clients. Everyone can focus on what they do best.

Energy equipment vendors

Our clients are looking for your energy efficiency solutions. They may not know about the value you bring.

We do not promote any solutions or vendors for commission. When we recommend a vendor, it’s because we know they offer the right solution and service for our client. Instead of commission we ask recommended vendors to provide a discount to our client equivalent to their regular cost of marketing and sales.

Meet some of our current partners:
Compressor Technology, Comairco, Laser Controls, Yorkland Controls, Drennan Refrigeration, Arcadian Projects, Waltec Electrical Services

To be recommended to our clients you must be willing to include Measurement and Verification, in accordance with IPMVP, into the implementation of your solution. We will also review your past projects prior to recommending your service.

Channel partners

We are open to partner with non-energy equipment vendors and service providers.

If you have established relations with mid-size manufacturers in Ontario – here is an opportunity for you to improve your standing with your client by adding value to their business through energy efficiency projects, while making a healthy commission.

If you introduce us to a new client, we pay 5% commission of the gross value of our projects that resulted from your introduction within the 1st year. Read more in Partner with GreenQ – earn more revenue without more selling.

You do not have to be a specialist in energy management to make an introduction, here is all you need to know: a typical manufacturer can reduce their energy spend by 20-30% through short payback projects. If your client is interested to learn more – your job is done and we will take it from there.

Feel free to use description of how we add value to client’s business and brief description of our services.