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#5. How to reduce energy cost when CAPEX is limited

A lot of energy costs can be saved at manufacturing plant without CAPEX.

#4. Energy savings at manufacturing plant beyond LED, VFD and idling

Complex energy audit does not look at energy alone. It considers how energy use affects core business - production, quality, scrap, employee productivity.

#3. The 4 reasons energy audit is valuable to your business

In previous post of the "Energy Audit Series" we talked about What makes energy audit free and How is energy inefficiency alike health issues. In this post we will dive a bit deeper into how energy audit creates value to companies. I said it before and will say it again: Energy audit by itself [...]

#1. Energy Audit: why bother?

What is energy audit? Energy audit is a consulting project that finds out how your plant can maintain stable production and quality, while using less utilities - electricity, natural gas and water. An audit worth its fees relies on extensive direct measurements, detailed interviews with production and maintenance managers and comparison of energy consumption [...]

Are you aiming at the right energy targets?

A friendly maintenance manager told me recently: “We will first do all we can with our big energy users and then proceed to an energy audit”. 'Big ticket items first' approach to energy management may hurt business and can hurt maintenance manager personally. This hurt can be avoided. If started right,  big and impactful energy [...]

Satisfied clients send cheques, happy clients send referrals

Today I had the most pleasant meeting at owners office of our manufacturing client. I experienced deep satisfaction when plant manager bragged about results of projects to the owner - lighting, grants, utility audit, compressed air system audit, changes in water supply, upcoming refrigeration optimisation and monitoring. And a grey-haired owner said: "I am happy with [...]

Which has to come first: Energy metering or Energy Audit?

Energy audit requires metered data. At least if client expects results that can be presented in the boardroom, not just general considerations. On the other hand, installation of meters takes time and money. On the third hand, if I had one, incentives on installation of meters are only available within M&T framework, which can logically [...]

How can ancient Chinese proverb help energy manager?

What can be farther apart than ancient Chinese wisdom and modern energy management? Since wisdom is universal, let's find out. Ancient Chinese proverb says that road of a thousand miles starts with the first step. We all heard this one. What did Chinese mean by this? A common Western interpretation of this proverb is that [...]

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How much will energy audit save us?

During a recent meeting with prospect's CFO this exact question has come up: How much energy will energy audit save our bakery? A fair question coming from CFO: his job is to ensure that all investments generate value for the company. A direct question deserves a direct answer: Energy Audit will save you nothing. [...]

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An easy way to find the low hanging fruit of energy savings

Finding energy saving opportunities can be fun if done right. It can be enjoyable and productive. Direct and indirect business benefits typically result from noticing where energy can be used better or used less: at industrial setting energy is meant to be used to produce something by powering machinery, when machinery does not produce the [...]

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