Due credit often misses good energy managers, but not the smart ones

Proper analysis brings energy heroes front and center. Can this be you? The graph shows results of statistical analysis of electricity consumption at a frozen food warehouse performed in accordance with recommendation of International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). Blue dotted line represents a cumulative sum of differences between actual and predicted consumption. Difference [...]

Procurement cannot buy electricity, natural gas and water

Procurement department can buy materials, machines and office supplies, but cannot buy electricity, natural gas and water. Just can't. Does not have sufficient decision-making authority. Neither does CFO. Nor even President. Utilities are bought by a person who flips the switch or turns the valve, not by procurement or CFO or President. Procurement contract [...]

How big is this steam leak?

Steam is one of the most expensive forms of energy at most manufacturing plants. Powerful boilers produce lots and lots of it. Surely a couple of small leaks cost next to nothing, right? Here is a simple way to assess what damage a leak makes to the bottom line. Idea of this post came from [...]

A small efficiency loss may cause a big loss of business value

At a recent project, we worked with an industrial bakery that faced a minor increase in natural gas consumption at its oven. Through an analysis of consumption/production data and discussions with the client, we found that the waste was caused by a faulty temperature-sensor calibration. The sensor was adjusted, and consumption came back to expected [...]