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2 02, 2021

Energy Saving Opportunities In Industrial Baking – European experience

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I have recently come across a brief report on possible energy cost reduction projects in industrial baking prepared in the UK by Carbon Trust. Key points of this article: Tried and true solutions for efficiency In order to estimate costs for improvements and energy savings, the starting point is to ensure that you have [...]

5 01, 2016

Lighting retrofit with a 3-day payback based on non-energy operational savings

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Lighting retrofits in industrial environments are known to be short-payback energy management solutions due to significant energy savings and incentives. In the case described below, the cost of a massive energy waste prior to retrofit was immaterial, when non-energy benefits were considered. Avoided cost of wasted energy was dwarfed by non-energy operational savings resulting in [...]

9 02, 2015

A small efficiency loss may cause a big loss of business value

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At a recent project, we worked with an industrial bakery that faced a minor increase in natural gas consumption at its oven. Through an analysis of consumption/production data and discussions with the client, we found that the waste was caused by a faulty temperature-sensor calibration. The sensor was adjusted, and consumption came back to expected [...]

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