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Procurement cannot buy electricity, natural gas and water

Procurement department can buy materials, machines and office supplies, but cannot buy electricity, natural gas and water. Just can't. Does not have sufficient decision-making authority. Neither does CFO. Nor even President. Utilities are bought by a person who flips the switch or turns the valve, not by procurement or CFO or President. Procurement contract [...]

Energy management at Atlantic Packaging

Through my continuous networking, I am privileged to meet people dealing with energy efficiency. With this post I am starting a series titled Learning from the Big. Though we target mid-sized companies, experience from market leaders can help us and our clients. My first source of conservation experience – Atlantic Packaging – provides a total packaging solution [...]

Does your plant pay for water service it does not use?

If water is part of your recipes or your plant runs an absorption cooling tower you likely pay for sewage service you do not use. With some effort your plant may decrease water bill without changing production processes. Water service is not cheap any more Water used to be cheap in Canada. Not any more: [...]

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