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5 10, 2018

How energy savings can add extra holidays at your plant?

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A recent report from SaveONEnergy described results of a lighting retrofit at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara.  Article states that annual electricity saving are "the equivalent of 400 room bookings".  While expressing results of retrofit in term dear to hotel managers is definitely a step in the right direction, this comparison understates results by [...]

26 07, 2018

Client acted on our utility audit: 18 projects are to be implemented within 12 months

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We have recently completed a comprehensive utility audit at a mid-size B2B food processing plant in the GTA and client has turned our recommendations into ‘projects to be completed this year’. A $50mln industrial food plant has been recently acquired and new owners decided to get it into shape. This plant buys electricity, natural [...]

31 10, 2017

How can an energy manager travel in time and space to impress CFO?

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Which energy manager does CFO know by first name? Hands-on? Watchful? Strategic? A Hands-On energy manager walks the floor daily to personally check consumption of every machine. He is in one place at a time. A Watchful energy manager installs meters to check real-time energy performance. He monitors several machines at the same time. A [...]

20 09, 2017

Energy efficiency is not about cutting cost of energy anymore, it is serious now

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Energy efficiency is becoming less and less about direct energy cost reduction and more about meeting demands of customers and governments. A recently published article Who Invests in Energy Efficiency? by American Council for an energy efficient economy sums up a range of studies about driving of energy efficiency investment in business. It comes out energy cost [...]

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