I attended an interesting session Ask Us Anything session on ISO 50001 with Andrew Hejnar, MSc, P.Eng., CEM, CPEnMS, CEA, CRM, SEP PV, organised by Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET) and run by Olivier Cappon.

Well done!

Key takeaways:

  • ISO 50001 is highly scalable, it can be implemented in companies as small as 10 people
  • Certification brings external experts to company. This results in 10-20% higher energy cost reduction at certified vs non-certified 3M plants
  • Certification brings structure to efficiency work
  • Energy cost reduction work is never ‘done’. It’s a continuous improvement process.
  • Successful energy efficiency stands on 3 legs: M&V, Technology, People
  • RETScreen Software is a backbone of energy efficiency work at 3M

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