What is your company’s emission? Not a trivial question
On May 17 I attended an educative presentation at AEE Greater Toronto Area (AEEGTA) by Brendan Abadie on a path to net zero emission.

My top 3 takeaways:
1. Emissions are classified by scope levels:

Scope 1 (burning fuels on site or by employees offsite),
Scope 2 (emissions in purchased electricity) and
Scope 3 (emissions embedded in parts and materials, building, use of product, disposal)

2. Most emissions embedded in company product/service come from Scope 3, which contributes 80-90% to total

3. Scope 1+2 emissions of supplier count at Scope 3 at buyer. Therefore, big buyers seek emission data from their supplier to achieve their emission reduction targets. This does not produce a perfect calculation, but an estimate is better than no data.

👉👉 I can calculate your Scope 1+2 emissions in Canada