IESO has launched a new incentive program that rewards commercial real estate operators for sustained reduction of electricity consumption.

Energy Performance Program pays 16c per kWh of actual reduction over 4 years as compared to 5c or 10c paid through other SaveOnEnergy programs.
Savings will be determined through M&V procedure based on IPMVP Option C (whole facility).

Program has no initial capital investment requirement as SaveOnEnergy does: incentive is not limited to 50% of incurred costs. Savings achieved through behavioural or operational changes as well as any continuous improvements, equipment scheduling or tweaking fully qualify. Capital-based measures qualify too.

Yes, lighting retrofit qualifies too for full 16c. What’s more, savings will include reduction of lighting load AND reduction of cooling load.

Key points:

  • Incentive applies to a portfolio of 2+ buildings located in 2+ utility areas in Ontario; (Alectra is considered as several utilities)
  • Portfolio must consume over 1.5GWh per utility per year; up to 5 similar buildings can be aggregated to reach this consumption level
  • Incentive contract is signed for up to 4 years; incentive is paid if reduction exceeds 5% by the end of 2nd year, no penalty for not reaching the threshold.
  • Savings are determined using M&V procedure as described in IPMVP Option C: cumulative savings over 12 month period compared to a baseline determined through statistical analysis
  • Applicant can’t participate in any other incentive programs during while participating in EPP
  • Annual incentive is cupped at 20% of annual consumption; cap is reset every year

Fuel switching and behind the meter generation qualify, but must comply with IESO Guidelines.┬áMore details – here.