If you are a plant manager I bet that scores of energy efficiency vendors call and email you daily. All of them want to sell their hardware and most promise extreme profitability. Will you choose a project based on salesman promise alone?

If you want to quickly navigate the sea of energy efficiency offers without becoming a professional in every field – you can. After all the technical woodoo, all electricity efficiency solutions are meant to decrease your hydro bill. They may deliver more than that, but hydro bill reduction is a must.

Hydro bill can be reduced by avoiding fines, changing tariffs and using less kW or kWh or both.

Nothing else counts towards your bill. Amps, Volts, degreesF and milliseconds just do not show up on the bill. These may affect stability of your machines and maintenance costs, but not electricity bill directly.

May I further ask you: Do you know how vendors substantiate their claims of achieved results? Decrease of current by 30% at 10am on Tuesday does not mean a 30% reduction of your annual bill, despite this being a common project results validation procedure.

Validating project results is hardly a simple task. You will be better off by contracting this task to a company independent from the solution vendor.

Ask the next energy efficiency vendor if they are open to an independent evaluation of results their solutions delivers, and you will know who stands in front of you – an honest vendor or another snake oil salesman.