Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association (CME) established Smart Green Program the to help manufacturers implement energy projects leading to CO2 reduction.

In a nutshell:

  • Grant consists of two parts – Assessment grant (up to $30K) and Implementation grant (up to $500K)
  • Manufacturers are generally eligible
  • Only future projects are eligible for the grant
  • Project has to be completed within 12 month
  • M&V by company pre-qualified by CME is a must

Details of Smart Green grant


  • Project must be financially unfeasible without the grant.
  • Only costs incurred outside of company are eligible. Whatever is done by in-house resources is ineligible.

More details on eligibility.


Walk-through to assess what projects are possible – optional

Applicants can receive 50% of actually incurred cost to a maximum of $1250

Pre-Project Assessment

  • Applicant can do own project assessment, except for establishing of the GHG baseline, which must be contracted to a pre-selected consultant called QTSP.
  • Up to $30K grant is available (50% of actual cost)

More details on assessments.

Grant Application

  • Applicant can do the application on their own or hire a consultant.
  • The guidelines and procedure are here.


  • Project must be completed within 12 months including all approvals and permits.
  • Funding – 50% of eligible cost to a max of $250K; which means if applicant spends $500K on eligible costs, then CME will cut a cheque for $250K.

Post Project M&V

  • Applicant must hire a pre-selected consultant (QTSP) to produce an acceptable M&V report.
  • M&V fee is an eligible cost for the implementation grant

3. Timing

  • Application for Assessment is promised to be approved within 10 days
  • Implementation grant is promised to be approved within 30-45 days

Next step

GreenQ Partners is pre-qualified by CME to perform M&V work for Smart Green grant. Feel free contact us to discuss the best way to proceed with your project here.