Project Description

In this project GreenQ has supported client from finding an energy cost reduction opportunity all the way to implementation: assessments, analysis, project management of implementation and post-project reporting:

Step 1. During general energy energy audit we found potential cost savings at compressed air plant.

Step 2. Detailed compressed air audit found leaks, recommended specific retrofit scope and provided justification for internal investment application.

Step 3. Audit recommendations were adjusted to accommodate client’s long-term growth plans.

Step 4. GreenQ helped client select compressed air equipment vendor and provided project management for installation.

Step 5. GreenQ performed post-project M&V for incentives and internal reporting.

Compressor room was a mess

Two fixed-speed compressors fighting each other because of piping error. Antic air tanks presented risk of metal pieces entering compressed air distribution network. Network has never been tested for leaks. Condensed water dripped on the floor within a 35C room (second compressor rejected heat directly into room) causing mold on the floor.

Retrofit project scope

Retrofit included:

  • replacement of a fixed-speed compressor with a variable speed one
  • replacement of old air tanks
  • addition of air filters and an air dryer
  • untangling distribution network within compressor room
  • re-building air ducts to direct hot air either into warehouse or outside

Client fixed identified leaks.

Project results

Project resulted in saving 152,000kWh of electricity (pre-project estimate 147,000kWh) and 20,300 m³ of natural gas (pre-project estimate 21,400 m³).

Compressor room is now dry, cool and clean. Reject heat from compressors now heats warehouse space. Company has spare and flexible compressing capacity to accommodate anticipated automation. Risk of product contamination by dirty air is eliminated.

Project was completed within budget. Enbridge and IESO provided incentives in excess of $19,000, which is in line with audit estimates.