Project Description

We have provided a range of consulting services related to solar PV for a large international company (which prefers to remain anonymous until the completion of the project). The client has requested to research options for a commercial scale rooftop installation and for a highly visible small ground-mount installation for PR purposes.

Our services included:

  • Conducting a full feasibility study for the two components of the project – the 250kW rooftop array and the 10kW ground-mount component. The rooftop study included:
    • Identification of the possible system size (250kW or 500kW)
    • Identification of the optimal location on the roof based on shading and structural analysis, roof age and client’s preferences on equipment location
    • Identification of the optimal location for the electrical equipment in the building,based on clients electrical cabling and internal processes
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Verification of grid capacity with the LDC
    • FIT contract application
    • Development of system design recommendations aimed to improve ROI 
Solar-treeA solar tree design offered to the client
  • The key for the ground-mount installation was system visibility and integration into client’s landscaping plan, thus the study included:
    • A variety of design options (from simple fixed solutions, to individually designed solar trees or writing the name of the company with different coloured cells on the solar panels)
    • Selection of location
    • Preliminary cash flow analysis
  • Together with the client we have planned to obtain FIT contracts from the OPA, set up and evaluate a tender for the supply and installation of equipment. We were to act as owner representatives during the construction of the project.

Client has cancelled OPA contract application after several changes in the program they considered significant.