Project Description

We conducted a tender evaluation for the Crown corporation of Parc Downsview Park regarding the installation of solar PV systems on four roofs, including one of over 800,000 sq. ft. The project included several options with an estimated cost of up to $20M. Leading Ontario solar developers and energy companies competed in the tender. We helped the client select the company that best met a number of financial and technical requirements.


For this project, in cooperation with the client, we have:

  • Identified the client’s expectations and limitations and designed submission evaluation criteria accordingly
  • Examined each proposal, analyzing the submission, recommending a technology review where appropriate, and conducting background checks and interviews with the competing companies
  • Conducted NPV and risk analysis and combined results through the use of the Multi Criteria Decision Making Method (MCDM)
  • Developed an Addendum to the initial RFP to complete the analysis
  • Outcomes of the evaluation were presented to the Board.