Project Description

Client acted on our utility audit: 18 projects are to be implemented within 12 months

We have recently completed a comprehensive utility audit at a mid-size B2B food processing plant in the GTA and client has turned our recommendations into ‘projects to be completed this year’.

A $50mln industrial food plant has been recently acquired and new owners decided to get it into shape. This plant buys electricity, natural gas, water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen for about $2 mln per a year. Our comprehensive audit identified 24 cost reduction opportunities worth in excess of $900K – quick fixes, CAPEX projects and studies. GA reduction and lighting retrofit have been initiated prior to the audit.

  • Quick fix: $83K worth of saving with cumulative required investment of under $9K.
  • CAPEX: estimated $140K of savings with 2.7 years payback
  • Further studies are recommended to assess feasibility of capturing another estimated $700K worth of savings

From 24 recommended improvements and studies client has accepted 18 for implementation within the next 12 months. The remaining six opportunities have been recognised as viable; these are postponed until after the first round of projects is completed. In fact, client acted on four recommendations after progress meeting, even before final report was presented.

When asked what did he like the most about our work, plant manager said: I can easily understand every measure you recommended, this makes my work and communication with owners so much easier.