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11 10, 2020

Energy performance is like a golf score

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Calculating energy savings results is like keeping a golf score.  If you ever been on the green, understanding the meaning of CUSUM will come easy. Baseline - how machine is supposed to work or worked before retrofit - is a par. CUSUM - a cumulative sum of deviations from baseline - is a score. If [...]

12 02, 2018

What is the value of saved kWh at your plant?

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What is the value of saved kWh at our plant? This post continues the discussion about the $value of kWh, started in What is kWh worth at your plant. In that post we talked about effect of operational changes on cost of energy. Today we will talk about how value of energy efficiency projects shows [...]

6 12, 2017

Resort owners gained $1mln out of simple energy projects

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A resort 'has achieved energy savings ... without impacting guest experience'. What an unfair and misleading statement!   So the resort saved $20K on energy per year, which is peanuts compared to what they have actually gained. Value to guests Of cause all these changes have impacted guest experience: Thermostats increased comfort in [...]

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