Companies with strong energy management demonstrate higher performance at the stock market.

Do not take my word for it, here is a snapshot of stock performance of a well-known leader in energy management 3M USA (US:MMM, black) compared to Dow Jones US Chemicals Index (XX:DJUSCH, blue) over last 5 years as presented at Market Watch.

3M Canada: energy management and its results

Closer to home, 3M Canada has been implementing energy management best practices for decades. Based on interviews with company management I have compile a series of articles that describes 3M’s approach to energy management, best practices, tips to other companies, as well as impressive results of this work – 32% energy cost reduction.

To no surprise 3M Canada scored 98 out of 100 at Energy Management Score® Assessment; a test devised by our company. This test estimates how well company adheres to energy management best practices and how much it can save by improving in this area.

Follow the leaders

Repeating success is much easier than being a trailblazer. Any company can cut energy cost by using lessons from 3M. To find out how much your company stands to gain through better energy management go directly to Energy Management Score® Assessment; for now test is available at no cost.

Should you like to start with reading about how this test was created, why Energy Management Score matters even for 3M and what energy management professionals think about it – read a 1-page introduction.

We study from 3M too. When you are ready to act, GreenQ will help you find and implement profitable energy projects