Answers to many questions about energy management have been compiled by Leonardo Energy – a European portal devoted to energy management and titled “The Global Community for Sustainable Energy Professionals” .

The list somewhat “gravitates” towards new certification program – Superior Energy Performance, but an interested reader will always find useful information anyway :)

Here are the questions included in the list, to read the answers follow the link at the end of this post.

  • What are the benefits of energy management and ISO 50001?
  • What are the options to consider in choosing an energy management system?
  • What level of commitment and investment is typically required to pursue ISO 50001?
  • What is the link between ISO 50001 and the SEP Measurement and Verification protocol and how does it affect ISO 50001 certification? How can an Energy Manager best pursue ISO 50001 and SEP certification?
  • What resources are typically required to implement ISO 50001 and achieve certification? How much is this process going to cost our organization? How many individuals are required? How long will the process take?
  • Give me some direction on Establishing an Energy Policy. What are the steps in Energy Planning?
  • What are the documentation requirements for Superior Energy Performance?
  • Are scorecards or other pro-forma metrics used for ISO 50001 and SEP? What level and frequency of management review is appropriate or required for ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance?
  • Why are ISO 50001 and SEP important and why should our plant/company become certified?
  • Does our company/plant have to certify to ISO 50001 in order to benefit from it?
  • How long is ISO 50001 certification valid?
  • How does ISO 50001 differ from ISO 9001 and ISO 14000? If my company is certified to an existing ISO management standard what are the consequences or benefits for ISO 50001 certification?
  • What other standards or programs are complimentary or competitive with ISO 50001?
  • If my company has already done a lot of work to save energy, do we need to obtain ISO 50001? Will this enable us to achieve ISO 50001 certification faster?

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