A perfectly energy efficient LED lighting may waste energy and hurt sales when not designed with energy management in mind.

Is Energy Efficiency the same as Energy Management?

Energy Efficiency (EE) is about technological solutions that use less energy to produce the same result. In this case, LED lighting is more efficient than fluorescent since it produces same amount of lighting using less energy. On the other hand, Energy Management (EM) is about creating more business value using less energy. It may seem like a “potato/potatto” situation, except it’s not. EM allows for solutions, which EE does not even consider. Photo above is an example of how a perfectly energy efficient lighting solution effectively wastes energy in the form of free sunlight.

Energy Management can cut cost and improve sales

With energy management in mind, design engineer would have installed light sensor and controls to dim or turn off the lights when sun is shining through unobstructed Western windows. Such smart designer would have also added a small sign explaining that dimming is a green feature, so fitting to organic produce department. Atop of reducing energy use for lighting and cooling, such feature would contribute to sustainable image and attract environmentally conscious crowd.

Small change in electrical design – big step in business value.