My friend Andrew once learned that he was paying twice as much for electricity than his neighbour across the street. Similar house, similar family, similar lifestyle, same utility … but neighbour paid $200 a month, while Andrew paid $400.

So Andrew decided to tackle the issue. He invited a utility rep to do a walk through audit of his house. Recommendations included more efficient lighting, weather strips, better windows, more insulation. Andrew has implemented some and has got $20 off the monthly bill. To compensate his wife for the troubles he had to agree for the kitchen renovation: new cabinets, counters, this and that, and a new fridge.

When dust after kitchen renovation has settled his monthly bill has gone down too. IT WAS THE OLD FRIDGE that caused most of the energy troubles.

“That fridge “ate” more in energy than it costs to feed me” – angrily noticed Andrew.

Actually the fridge did not consume as much alone. The trouble was that Andrew had to pay for energy-hungry fridge twice: first time to cool inside the fridge, second time to cool his house of the heat rejected by the fridge.

Lesson: Without measurement any consultant is just another person with an opinion.

How much does your company waste in unmeasured energy?