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Niall Enright shares his vast practical experience and practical recommendations on finding and implementing a wide range of energy efficiency projects in his book. Free for all. No strings attached.

Here is Niall’s email with link to download.

Dear Anatoli Naoumov,

The central role of energy and resource efficiency to combatting climate change has never been more urgent. I am delighted that almost 2,000 people like you have downloaded my 840-page free Textbook “Energy and Resource Efficiency without the Tears – the complete guide to adding value and sustaining change in an organisation”. The pdf has been shared countless more times so the true circulation is impossible to quantify – but I regularly get feedback and thanks from practitioners and students from all over the world who appreciate this authoritative guide on “how to do more with less”.

As part of World Energy Day on the 21st October, I am asking if you can help me spread the word by sharing this email and the download link below with any fellow practitioners, students or decision-makers in your circle of friends or contacts. If everyone who has downloaded the file shared this link with just 5 others, we could get to 10,000 downloads and give folks working on the front-line of climate change a very practical resource.

As a thank-you to you and all new downloaders I am making the amazing companion files available for half price, down from £29.99 to just £15.00 until the 21st October if you use the Coupon Code “WED2020” when you check out. There are loads of tools such as a daylight hours calculator, a MACC spreadsheet, ISO 50001 system documentation, financial appraisal spreadsheets, posters and images from the book.

Get the free PDF 840-page comprehensive guide to energy and resource efficiency

Get the amazing Companion Files over 300 files to support practitioners and educators

Thanks again, and do keep the feedback coming! It is very much appreciated.

Stay safe and keep up the good work,

All the best,

Niall Enright

P.S. You last downloaded the PDF before the Sept-2018 edition with lots of minor changes and a completely updated ISO 50001 chapter, so you might want to get the latest version yourself!

Thank you Niall.

Disclosure: I do not receive any commissions or other direct benefits from sharing this information. I will benefit from more people using this information to advance our world towards sustainability.