A new online program has been launched by University of Denver Colorado. It’s been reported that over 33,000 students from around the world have enrolled. The course is offered free of charge through Coursera.

The Fundamentals of Global Energy Business course provides students with an introduction to the business of primary energy production. The class examines the nature of supply and demand in global energy markets and business considerations for participants in those markets. The survey-style class requires research on current energy trends.

Here is how the university describes the program:

The Global Energy Management (GEM) Program at the University of Colorado Denver Business School is a hybrid-online Master of Science (MS) degree program exclusively designed to develop future leaders in the energy industry. Students who want an “energy MBA” enroll in GEM because it offers graduate business courses (accounting, finance, strategic management, marketing, economics, etc.) that are focused entirely on the energy industry. Earning an MS versus an MBA is a benefit to energy professionals because it differentiates them from masses earning a non-specific MBA.

This program claims to concentrate on energy generation, but do not hold your breath for breaking the miracle, they actually explain how energy can be transformed. In every day language this is called “generation” and “consumption” or energy management.

We have listed several valuable sources for energy education at our site, including free courses by Schneider’s Energy University and certification preparation courses by Canadian Institute for Energy Training.