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Welcome to our blog: How energy affects business and profits

Dear visitors, we welcome you at our blog. We write for business and financial managers, owners, energy engineers, who are concerned with effects of energy management on business and environment. Here you will find energy management tips, best practices, results of energy management projects, announcements about relevant training courses and events, links to webinars, databases [...]

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Resort owners gained $1mln out of simple energy projects

A resort 'has achieved energy savings ... without impacting guest experience'. What an unfair and misleading statement!   So the resort saved $20K on energy per year, which is peanuts compared to what they have actually gained. Value to guests Of cause all these changes have impacted guest experience: Thermostats increased comfort in [...]

Why energy managers are not valued in the boardroom and How to change this

As an energy manager you work hard to keep energy cost in check. But do you get due recognition of results? A typical energy manger has to master lots of skills: come up with energy efficiency ideas, evaluate dozens of offers on energy saving tools, products and services, manage contractors, oversee implementation of energy conservation [...]

How can ancient Chinese proverb help energy manager?

What can be farther apart than ancient Chinese wisdom and modern energy management? Since wisdom is universal, let's find out. Ancient Chinese proverb says that road of a thousand miles starts with the first step. We all heard this one. What did Chinese mean by this? A common Western interpretation of this proverb is that [...]

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How can an energy manager travel in time and space to impress CFO?

Which energy manager does CFO know by first name? Hands-on? Watchful? Strategic? A Hands-On energy manager walks the floor daily to personally check consumption of every machine. He is in one place at a time. A Watchful energy manager installs meters to check real-time energy performance. He monitors several machines at the same time. A [...]

Energy efficiency is not about cutting cost of energy anymore, it is serious now

Energy efficiency is becoming less and less about direct energy cost reduction and more about meeting demands of customers and governments. A recently published article Who Invests in Energy Efficiency? by American Council for an energy efficient economy sums up a range of studies about driving of energy efficiency investment in business. It comes out energy cost [...]

7 plus 2 barriers to success of industrial energy efficiency and how to overcome them

Even many C-levels today agree agrees that energy efficiency is important, still too often too little is done. How can this situation be changed? This 2003 article - Overcoming Barriers to Effective Energy Management in Industrial Settings - names several barriers which I list below with my comments: Lack of Organizational Commitment to energy efficiency [...]

Massive automation is upon us, how will it affect your plant?

Last week I had a pleasure of attending an intense Summer Conference set up by Association of Energy Services Professionals - AESP . One and a half days of presentations and panels were kicked off by a thought-provoking speech delivered by Patrick Schwerdtfeger about exponential nature of changes in our life, particularly massive automation of [...]

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Energy conservation is an uphill battle, what is the better way?

A bottom up approach to energy cost reduction is a path of heroes: long, hard and massively ineffective, because it requires convincing managers on the way up. The top->bottom approach, on the other hand, is a simple and powerful approach known for decades as management: set goals, allocate resources and assign responsibilities. Now instead of [...]

More energy data may not benefit business – and what does

More energy data is better, right? Data shows what's happening, so we should have lots of it to manager machines, right? Not necessarily. Although various meters are becoming cheaper by day, too many of them may hurt your business instead of helping to manage it. When driving, do you really need to know the exact [...]

How to separate honest energy efficiency vendors from snake oil salesmen?

If you are a plant manager I bet that scores of energy efficiency vendors call and email you daily. All of them want to sell their hardware and most promise extreme profitability. Will you choose a project based on salesman promise alone? If you want to quickly navigate the sea of energy efficiency offers without [...]