Project Description

We have been assisting in the development of a 2MW solar farm in the Hamilton region. We have joined the project in spring of 2011 and since then have achieved several major successes:

  • On behalf of our client we have prepared an application for the CEPP grant. We are proud to say, that our client has received the largest grant for a solar project since the program’s inception in 2009 – $167,000. The money is to be used for project soft costs such as developing engineering specification and obtaining the Renewable Energy Approval.
  • We have found a variety of options to finance the hard costs, including full buyout option, debt/equity investment, and even investors that were ready to put down money for project development. Along with providing the finances for the projects, the investors we brought into the project offered very good rates for equipment.
  • We were contracted to obtain the Renewable Energy Approval. Our role includes full project management, reporting for the CEPP grant, as well as conducting a portion of the required REA activities (such as various reports, community consultation, etc.)

Project was cancelled due to delays caused by changes in legislation.