Outsource Your Energy Management Department

If you are a mid-size manufacturer, having your own energy management department is cost prohibitive. Not doing energy management is costly too. Management of energy use is not your core business anyway.

Solution is simple – outsource. While managing energy is not your core business, it’s certainly ours. We make this easy for you, by alleviating the need to hire and manage energy efficiency contractors. We’ll connect you with the right vendors for your situation and support you through the entire energy management cycle.

We’ll reduce your risks, hassle and costs
at every step of the energy management cycle

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Decide to manage energy

The Decision to go ahead with energy management belongs to you – our client.

We’ll meet with you to discuss your business goals as they relate to energy management. Energy creates value for your business. We will help you produce the most out of it.

An easy way to find where to look for electricity bill trimming goes through an Electricity Waste Finder analysis. Though hardly a substitution to a comprehensive energy audit EWF is a quick way to win CFO’s attention to energy management.

In absence of actual consumption data any energy management decision becomes risky: one can’t manage what’s not measured. Actual data becomes even more important when implementation is completed – data allows to keep track of performance and ensure that achieved results stay. Otherwise, hard-earned energy reduction gains tend to disappear.

To set reduction targets, monitor performance and protect investment of money and effort we recommend long-term monitoring of energy consumption.


If energy management is an important factor of your business success we will proceed to an energy audit. The report generated from the audit will provide you with a list of solutions, prioritized by the estimated long-term value they’ll bring your company.

Audit results are rarely sufficient to make an investment decision. To secure investment for profitable energy efficiency projects we’ll conduct an energy study. Studies are as detailed as needed to put your CFO at ease. We’ll present the results in a format customary to your company.

To provide you with an accurate plan we account for the many factors that drive your utility consumption – production variation, weather, schedules; if you can measure it – we can account for its affect on consumption.


Once you’ve settled on the specific projects, we’ll setup a Measurement and Verification Plan to ensure that you know exactly how much value these projects will generate. We’ll then help select the best vendors to complete your project.

We do not collect commissions from vendors, so you can trust that our decisions are based on who we think will do the best job for you. If required, we coordinate the implementation process.

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Once the project’s completed, we’ll calculate the actual savings achieved as a result of implementation, per the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). We’ll include both indirect and non-energy benefits in our assessment.


Energy management improves all aspects of industrial operation.
Our clients experience peace of mind, lower costs, higher throughput and profitability, stable quality and engaged employees!

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