Exact energy savings number is likely false

//Exact energy savings number is likely false

Exact energy savings number is likely false

Every time I hear somebody say “project saved $12,345.67” I look if person’s nose has grown a bit.

Obviously such person does not understand the first thing about savings: energy savings is an avoided consumption, consumption that did not happen, nobody can measure something that did not happened.

Energy savings are never exact, always an estimate.


“Project saved 123,456 kWh” is always a false statement.

It’s possible to register past consumption as an exact number, because it happened.

Savings reflect something that did not happen. It’s consumption avoided. It’s impossible to determine it exactly, is is only to estimate savings. This uncertainty can be accounted for by reporting a min certain estimate or by reporting a range.

Responsible statements are:

Project saved at least 123,456 kWh or

Project saved 123,456 ±X with certainty Y%.

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