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More energy data may not benefit business – and what does

More energy data is better, right? Data shows what's happening, so we should have lots of it to manager machines, right? Not necessarily. Although various meters are becoming cheaper by day, too many of them may hurt your business instead of helping to manage it. When driving, do you really need to know the exact [...]

How to separate honest energy efficiency vendors from snake oil salesmen?

If you are a plant manager I bet that scores of energy efficiency vendors call and email you daily. All of them want to sell their hardware and most promise extreme profitability. Will you choose a project based on salesman promise alone? If you want to quickly navigate the sea of energy efficiency offers without [...]

Why investment with zero return is a top priority at many plants?

Would your company hire 2nd plant manager with a 12-month annual vacation contract? Simple, eh? What about - Will your company invest into energy project with zero return? When company decides to delay an energy cost reduction project ... Wait, nobody makes such decisions. Sophisticated managers of 21st century decide that "energy cost reduction project [...]

How to receive 16c per kWh incentive for lighting retrofit, operational changes and any capital improvements?

IESO has launched a new incentive program that rewards commercial real estate operators for sustained reduction of electricity consumption. Energy Performance Program pays 16c per kWh of actual reduction over 4 years as compared to 5c or 10c paid through other SaveOnEnergy programs. Savings will be determined through M&V procedure based on IPMVP Option C [...]

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New grant for Canadian manufacturers covers up to $500,000 of capex in GHG reducing projects

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association (CME) established Smart Green Program the to help manufacturers implement energy projects leading to CO2 reduction. In a nutshell: Grant consists of two parts – Assessment grant (up to $30K) and Implementation grant (up to $500K) Manufacturers are generally eligible Only future projects are eligible for the grant Project has [...]

Rope trick with lighting: more light, less bills and no new bulbs

Lighting retrofit that delivers 20% more lighting for 20% less dollars and requires no new electrical parts, such as bulbs, controls or ballasts. Not even new fixtures. It's like a rope trick, except there is no trick, just ropes. Lighting intensity decreases in reverse proportion to the distance from the source [...]

Due credit often misses good energy managers, but not the smart ones

Proper analysis brings energy heroes front and center. Can this be you? The graph shows results of statistical analysis of electricity consumption at a frozen food warehouse. Blue dotted line represents a cumulative sum of differences between actual and predicted consumption. Difference between green and red tangents is a result of smart work of plant [...]

Procurement cannot buy electricity, natural gas and water

Procurement department can buy materials, machines and office supplies, but cannot buy electricity, natural gas and water. Just can't. Does not have sufficient decision-making authority. Neither does CFO. Nor even President. Utilities are bought by a person who flips the switch or turns the valve, not by procurement or CFO or President. Procurement contract [...]

How much will energy audit save us?

During a recent meeting with prospect's CFO this exact question has come up: How much energy will energy audit save our bakery? A fair question coming from CFO: his job is to ensure that all investments generate value for the company. A direct question deserves a direct answer: Energy Audit will save you none. [...]

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6 Steps to effective Energy Management in manufacturing

In Energy Management the key word is management, not energy. So, all rules of management apply. Rule #1: it all starts from the top. 1.     Effective Energy Management must have a C-level champion Practically speaking, if none of the top guns cares about energy management, nothing significant will come out of it. There can be [...]