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Stop Wasting Energy And Money

Your business can cut energy waste and cost, reduce carbon footprint. Profitably. Now.

Our clients, industrial business managers and owners, have achieve just that. And so can you.

Our Clients Are Smart

Our clients are smart, they …

… are not in business to save energy, they are in business of making profit from their core business, consistently, efficiently and socially-responsibly.
So, we deal with the hassle and risks of energy projects to ensure clients achieve their goals.

… seek business value from energy projects, not formulas, technical reports and promises.
So, we speak m3, kWhs and $$, not psi, degF and Amps.

… aim to minimize risk of energy projects.
So, we base recommendations on clients’ actual data.

… focus on their core business and strive to reduce hassle of energy projects.
So, we bring all necessary resources to complete projects.

…value certainty and accuracy, transparency and simplicity of reports.
So, we collect and process energy data to produce easy-to-read reports on results achieved in actual operational conditions.

Our clients receive support through the whole cycle of energy projects to ensure that business value is quickly identified, efficiently realised, accurately measured, clearly reported and reliably sustained over time.

As a result, our clients to become energy efficient … efficiently, while keeping focus on their core business.

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What Our Clients Say

GreenQ Partners has performed a thorough analysis to arrive with sound recommendations. Achieved savings are clearly visible and we are confident about further changes. These guys were easy to work with.
Hasan Mustafa, Maintenance Manager at Sons Bakery
The energy use analysis was powerful and allowed us to discover and ultimately address the reason behind the unexplained rise in natural gas consumption that we were seeing.
Darren Borden, Energy Management Engineer at Weston Foods (Canada) Inc
We needed to quickly set up and evaluate a $20mln tender on construction of a solar system on one of our buildings. GreenQ Partners organised the whole project and met public procurement guidelines.
Davin Anselmi, VP of Park Development, Parc Downsview Park

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